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About Us

Sabaiko Mart Pvt. Ltd. is a newly established shopping mart. Our Corporate Office is located at  Boudha, Kathmandu and our customer interation and outlet is at Radhey Marg, Dilli bazzar, Kathmandu. Our major operation is targeted towards online shopping in order to provide better services to our valuable customers and to provide a global reach.

Sabaiko Mart Pvt. Ltd. is established with a vision to provide new ways of shopping with better opportunities for Nepalese people, the ways which people in other countries are enjoying for a long time now. We see a future where people in our country can also enjoy the advantages of world changing technical advances. Hence we are committed in providing high quality products for better living with better services and modern means of communication, thus providing better accessible mechanisms and reaching to every Nepalese individual’s home.

How to reach us?
As we have a strong online presence, our services can be accessed at:

Feedback and Comments
We are continuously working in the betterment of our services and reach. We would love to hear from you for any suggestions and recommendations. Please feel free to write us at [email protected]